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If these pieces could speak, they’d tell you a story…

Julietta was born out of love of 1980s prom dresses, vintage scarves and the unique perfection of pre-loved clothing—and perhaps inspired by some of the same pieces that have lived their best lives in your own closet. Founded in 2021, Julietta is WOC-owned and operated. Our founder creates bold barrettes from vintage upcycled fabrics with her team of skilled artisans in New York City.


It all started with our classic upcycled barrette. We researched, tested and tried many, many supersized samples for eight months to construct and perfect our signature barrette, inspired by larger-than-life bold color, the special feeling of vintage fabrics and a sculptural mix of ‘90s era cabochons. We firmly believe these barrettes look just as cool pinned in your hair as they do perched on your nightstand in a delicate tray alongside your favorite pieces of jewelry.

Maybe your Julietta barrette lived a past life as a prom dress in the ‘90s or, it possibly lived an equally exciting life as an untouched Parisian deadstock collection scarf from the ‘80s.

Each barrette speaks volumes and is designed to be a conversation starter. Due to the handmade nature of our items, each one is also one-of-a-kind and may vary slightly. And since we source our colorful fabrics from all over the world, each piece is limited edition. That’s why we release our collections in one-time drops based on our current fabric supply. 

We hope each piece sparks joy and creates new stories through every pre-loved thread, with plenty of life to be passed down and reinvented throughout the ages.

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